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Some  definitions of equilibrium are: (a) A condition in which all acting influences are canceled by others, resulting in a stable, balanced, or unchanging system. (b)Mental or emotional balance. (c) Physics  – The state of a body or physical system at rest or in unaccelerated motion in which the resultant of all forces acting on it is zero and the sum of all torques about any axis is zero. (d) Chemistry – The state of a chemical reaction in which its forward and reverse reactions occur at equal rates so that the concentration of the reactants and products does not change with time. The state of a system in which more than one phase exists and exchange between phases occurs at equal rates so that there is no net change in the composition of the system.

EQuilibrium Human Development is a company dedicated to helping its clients reach the state of equilibrium in their personal, career, social and relational lives. Equilibrium is not a hard equality but a ever rebalancing dynamic as every living thing responds to its ever changing environment. More than anything we are an educational facility teaching people skills to live a fully functional self-evolving life; to Design their own Freedom

These days everybody has heard of the benefits of positive thinking, of saying affirmations; I can say with confidence that few people can make things happen consistently. What is missing is the knowledge to apply the natural Law of Attraction, what was known to the ancient initiates as Magical Intention. It is applying this Law that attracts to us whatever we want.

Everyone is individual, unique, with their own desires and needs, yet we all share something in common, we all want to understand how to be more successful in whatever we attempt to do. Every person wants to be employed in a position which makes the most of their interests and skills; every person wants to have a successful relationship; everybody wants to create happiness in their lives.

If you find yourself experiencing the same thing over and over, then it is time to do something different.

Equilibrium runs courses and seminars and personal coaching for all those people ready and willing to change. Many people want to change their lives, yet they still want to remain the same person as before. Working with Equilibrium pledges, as far as possible, a complete transformation and you will experience a new confidence to meet the world.

The Most Popular Seminars are:-

  • “Attracting the Perfect Partner” – Relationship Seminar for Singles (also suited to couples wanting to rebuild passion in their relationship
  • Private Channelling Sessions – Mercredan is an non-physical being that offers experience and guidance from another dimension
  • Transformational LifeStyle Astrology is used as a personal counselling, social and relationship tool, in a way to uncover the deeply rooted karmic background framework brought in at birth.
  • “Quality for Life” – A personal coaching system for bringing balance and alignment to individuals using a reinterpretation of the Deming’s 14 points of quality management


The intention of Equilibrium Human Development is to bring a spiritual focus back into a person’s life, bringing harmony and balance into all areas, and an ecology of purpose.

We use a variety of clarification tools combined with what can be called “metaphysical advantage” or determined focus. Metaphysical Advantage amounts to:-

IQ + EQ + SQ = Wholeness / Creation (outcome)

IQ = Mental Blueprint

EQ = Motivational Charge (either towards or away from)

SQ = Concept of balance / wholeness or consequence (every action has a consequence)

so SQ means seeing the consequences of actions or Karma.

“We” must consider what we will bequeath to our children, our grandchildren and generations to come as the consequences of present actions take effect. “We” must recognise that what is good for us, must also be good for everyone if we are to survive better than the short term.

“History is the record of the actions of our ancestors, and we are the history of generations to come.”

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