laughterFor many years I have used humour in my therapeutic practice. From a an NLP perspective, Richard Bandler (one of the original founders of NLP) used to comment that there were really only three deadly sins. He named these as: Being Right; Being Self-Righteous; and Being Serious. As an additional comment, he says, “and being serious is the most deadly of all”.

The greatest thing about British humour is the ability to point the laughter at yourself. “Life is funny”. How you interpret that is up to you. So when I came across the work of Dr. William Fry Jr, MD I went looking for an article. Here’s what I found. attitudes-emotions-health-and-healing.
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FrancisAbout the author: Francis has been at the forefront of human development from the mid 1970s and has been a leader in New Zealand. He ran one of the first self-development classes in Auckland, taught classes in “creating your own reality”, “Dreams”, “Quest: creative writing” and brought the first Avatar Course to New Zealand. He is a NLP Master Practitioner and conversational hypnotherapist. He is an accomplished therapeutic astrologer and a outstanding astrological researcher. Having studied the Ancient Wisdom through Theosophy and the Toltec Tradition, he is a wealth of knowledge.