When coming to have a session with Delaine, you will be amazed with what you leave with!

You will gain a strategy to take away which changes your game, your outlook and your way of operating.

You will experience a mental relief that someone who cares can give you such a succinct solution to help you join all the dots as to how you ended up where you are, in your view of yourself, your relationships or your lack of knowing where you’re going in your life.

You might have lived life from other’s expectations and ended up lost in your identity, or feeling dull, or you suffer from controlling everything and squeezing the joy out of life. Or if you’re bored with life, flat in all your responses, then Delaine will get to the bottom of what’s causing this, and take you to a whole new place. By the time your first hour is complete, you will have many BFOs (Blinding Flashes of the Obvious) of pure awareness as to why your life has its difficulties.

You might have lived life from other’s expectations and ended up lost in your identity…

Which ever end of the spectrum you’re on including all that’s in between, Delaine will lighten your load, she will be your guide for the journey, and most of all, you’ll emerge from a session light hearted with a practical way out of your dilemma.

She covers most areas in peoples’ lives:

  • Couples Counselling/Coaching
  • Conflict resolution
  • Depression
  • Anger management
  • Anxiety
  • Communication skills
  • Executive/corporate stress
  • Lifestyle/career guidance
  • Crisis management
  • Support for difficult transitions
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Finding the elusive partner
  • DSL Fast Weight Loss Programme
  • Health issues stemming from blocked emotions
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Addiction dependence
  • Grief or anger management
  • Loneliness
  • Male/Female issues
  • Physical and sexual abuse
  • Business stress
  • Mental overload
  • Career problems
  • Communication
  • Lack of confidence
  • Coping with competition
  • Indecision
  • Parenting


With Delaine you’ll feel like an hour flies by, and you could listen to her for days in what she can teach you. In each session, you’ll be greeted with a fun, and enlightening way of seeing your issue, which makes it more manageable. She always treats you as a whole person in whatever you are presenting with, which includes the deeper side to your nature.

You can even feel excited to tackle your issue with new strengths or talk to people in new ways which you’ve been avoiding forever. Long held secrets can be released and dealt with in ways you hadn’t the courage to do previously. Your personal information remains completely confidential.


Are you looking for value for money?  You will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders in one session. You’ll feel the money you spent was worth it and you’ll feel like you’ve finally met the person you’ve been looking for ages who understands you, who can relate to you well, and who can cut a long story short.

You will gain tools or skills to use throughout your lifetime. You’ll always have Delaine to call on, as long as she lives. You’ll be stronger in your identity, your perception of your problem, and you’ll often feel relieved at the end of a session with a totally new way of solving your issue.

Both her intelligence with yours will tailor make your next steps which will lead to bigger steps, and before you know it, you’re feeling more confident, happier at your core, relieved and like you’re no longer alone in this world.

You might even change your life so completely that in 6 months you can’t remember what you used to be like. You’ll learn all kinds of things of how to make friends, solve rifts with family members, colleagues, or friends. You’ll have inner strategies to call on around difficult life circumstances that you just can’t avoid. And you’ll gain skills to overcome your most challenging situations.

You might even change your life so completely that in 6 months you can’t remember what you used to be like.people


Delaine Jones

Cert. C.W., Sp. Ed., Counselling
Counsellor & Life Strategy Coach

Delaine has developed a unique approach to counselling and life strategy coaching. She has taught counselling in the RC Counselling Community, and Parenting in tertiary education forums. She has practised in Auckland for 30 yrs as a Private Counsellor/Coach. She’s had her own Radio show on Access Community Radio and appeared on a National TV News show, for her invention of therapeutic singing toys.

She has always seen her role in helping people become ALL of who they were meant to be.

Her training in Re-evaluation Counselling prepared her for identifying patterns of behaviour which people often mistake for personality, and which are the culprits behind most depressions, addictions and even ways of coping with anger, grief and other emotional reactions that people have difficulty coping with.

By briefly tracing your history back to childhood, and finding the first life hurt or disappointment which stems to your current difficulty, Delaine helps you get to the bottom of it. You don’t require endless sessions to crack your issue and begin ways of changing it.

The Re -evaluation Counselling Model

Re-evaluation Counselling is a theory in counselling that explores in very quick and efficient ways the hidden patterns behind all behaviour. So many people experience reoccurring issues in their lives, so that finding a way to interrupt or transform these outcomes is near impossible.

A trained RC Counsellor will see very quickly the source from which the expectations and disappointments reoccur in life and be able to model a different path to less distressed/patterned choices. A skilled technician can show you how to break the cyclic effect in your life.

You can learn new ways where you can go beyond your patterns of not reaching your aims and goals, and
 Re-evaluation Counselling takes us beyond our patterns to our truest authentic selves, empowering us to make different decisions to shape our new reality. 

Everyone deserves to be, and is capable of being, cheerful, affectionate, creative, self-assured, confident, respected, and above all happy. 

If we don’t experience ourselves this way then something is wrong. It’s not the way life should be, and it can be put right. Often all that is required is some loving, non-judgemental attention, together with some down-to-earth practical support and, life skills, encouragement and direction.

Call Delaine and find how she can help you change your life’s challenges in a short period of time.

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