Guaranteed to lose 5-15 kgs or money back

weightloss-250x166Full physical, emotional and mental coaching & mentoring throughout this exceptional programme. The DSL Fat Loss Programme is based on Dr A.T.W. Simeon’s research in the UK during the 1950’s that was published in his famous Pounds and Inches book. However the DSL Program replaces the HCG injections that Dr. Simeons used with DSL sublingual drops. These are used in conjunction with a very low calorie plan (for up to 40 days) identical to Dr Simeons plan.  During this weight-loss period the body targets its surplus hard fat (that reserve fat that never moves) as an energy source.

tape-measure-250x184Phase 1 sounds crazy but is vital. It requires you to eat as much fatty, sweet, starchy food as you can for two days. This has the effect of awaking the part of the brain that is in charge of your weight and fat metabolism and also provides extra energy until the effects of the drops takes place.

Phase 2 is the period when you lose the weight up to a maximum of 15kgs (34lbs) in any one round (you can do as many rounds as you need).

Phase 3 allows your body to stabilize to your new weight for 3 weeks.

Phase 4 allows your body to maintain that weight completing the 90 day plan and prevents further weight gain.

You can then either start another round to lose more, or simply maintain that weight. Begin your next exciting step towards the new YOU.

Contact Delaine Jones DSL Coach at EQuilibrium Human Development to learn more. (09) 971 8161