NelsonMandelaTake it to your grave and risk your mind/body health, or resolve it as soon as possible and be free to live to the fullest.

But for those of us who hold resentments and hurts deep down in our emotional bodies, we have a harder journey to bear. Today with modern psychology, a simple process called the “forgiveness process” takes us to a new level of understanding, resulting in a new way of looking at that person.

I found in my own experiences that forgiving is the best idea, rather than holding on to old hurts.  Because to be holding on can cause constipation and other digestive problems, cancer and arthritis, heart attacks, the list goes on.

So it is my encouragement for anybody who does suffer from lack of forgiveness, to give it a go; try opening to how to change that one deeply unresolved thing in your mind that silently eats away at you while you’re least aware.

Delaine Jones