Francis on Skype

Francis on Skype

Testimony for Francis Evans.

21 June 2013

Thanks to a friend I had gathered enough courage to go this pathway after a new spot was discovered on my liver. I was at a point in my live that I couldn’t see a future. The mirror wasn’t my favourite space, self-esteem rather low.

I am still remembering our first meeting in the G.Health Centre.  I felt very nervous, wrecked, sad and had carried a lot of negative emotions with me for years.  Realising that it had to change but not able to and there you were believing in the fact that I could change my life with help and learn again that the glass was half full and not half empty. Expressing myself in a second  language wasn’t easy but improving along the way.

Talking about my own life, emotions and expectations wasn’t something I did very easy. My “Dutch puritan’s background” you called it nicely. But I learned to trust you; you are a good listener and analyst.  You made me laugh, challenged me all the time to do things my” forgotten” personal way, not the way I had adapted over the years. You helped me open up and get more understanding /perspective about how life turns its way and although the influences of generations of ancestors are woven through your live you can give them a turn to the positive.  No longer judging but accepting them.

You gave me exercises to commit with the body, after the sessions I went home with the feeling that my vision had improved.  Not the 1 eye tunnel vision but more a 1,5eye wider vision. Which was a great feeling and it still is because it happens more often now. This week for the first time after 20 years I played a game of squash and enjoyed the whole of it and did hit the ball enough to keep the spirit in the game.  So this can be continued.
Now my mind is mostly in the future and no longer in the past. No longer saying I can’t for what every reason but try first and then say no if I do not like it. I even have asked a guy on the internet if have would take me for a ride on his motorbike and he said yes J At least the answer kept me smiling for the whole evening.  Now wait and see when it will happen, first going on holidays.

Dear Francis we had quite a bit of sessions and every time you had something new. I loved the horoscope version as well only find it a pity I am not able to reread it.  Thank you very much for your support and help and I must admit I needed a healthy male vision to push me forwards.
A big thank you, and a paper hug

Elena B.

I met Francis Evans in 2004 at a time when, although I appeared to be a reasonably successful person I was not happy and felt stuck and confused.  My past had caught up with me and in short I was in a defensive, combative mode and could find no way out of my unhappiness.

I took a 6 week course of counselling with Francis Evans who used  NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in order to help me. I began my first week feeling the world was not a safe place and felt like during my whole life I was hiding in the sniper pits and had presently experienced a series of huge disappointments both personally and business wise.
After the six week course, I hardly recognised myself.  Family, friends and Clients commented and notice a huge shift in my demeanour, energy and attitude which was relaxed instead of stressed, open and feeling very safe in this world instead of defensive and with a chip on my shoulder, and generally a more positive attitude.

I have never looked back from that experience as with the huge shift from Francis’s help, It had somehow just cleared my thinking and life just suddenly fell into place in an extremely positive manner and has continued to do so.
Francis Evans managed to do this in a very professional, skilful, insightful manner and has a special skill in pin-pointing situations like I have not experienced before.  His intuitiveness and NLP skills fast tracked an excellent result for me far better than having to go to counselling for a few months which would have taken many long hours to get the same result.

I have to admit that I am still in contact with Francis today since our 2004 pleasurable meeting and have watched this very skilful intelligent man turn other’s lives around right before my eyes by sitting in on his type of therapy so I know he has a wonderfully successful track record and most certainly would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending or referring persons to him who are struggling with their lives through one reason or another.
I know there are many people out there struggling with their lives and taking certain anti-depressive drugs when all they really need is a good dose of Francis to clear and unload their perceived problems that will fast track them to a more positive, happy, healthy mental state and life.

Linde M Walker

This letter acts as a recommendation for Francis Evans. I have worked with Francis for over five years now on my personal growth and healing. I have found him to be highly professional in all his treatments and, just as important, extremely knowledgeable and skilled.

I very quickly felt comfortable and trusting and would (and do) recommend him to anyone I know.

Juliette Banks