How do you LOVE a Woman?man_and_woman-141x200

  • Do you go to a sex shop and get a toy?
  • Do you surf the web for something erotic to share with some stranger on the other side of the planet?
  • Do you have an affair behind your partner’s back?
  • Is there an abundant flow of gorgeous women at your disposal?
  • Or are you alone at night, once the party is over?

Some would say that loving a woman depends on who she is. There could be some truth to that, though as Delaine Jones, Relationship Coach says, knowing how to love a woman is an art…

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, Delaine has the answers for you.

Many men fall into the trap of following their parents’ habits of knowing how to love women.  Men over 50 especially have this problem, as their same aged wives tend to ditch them for a life on their own or someone else more loving. Corporate men suffer especially in this domain; hard years behind a desk or climbing the ladder only to be rejected by their wives. Or the most common tragedy of modern times, men who end up at 40 without any long-term relationship prospects.

“I see too many innocent men in my practice who have stumbled into a pot hole of not knowing why their relationship of 30 years has finally failed, leaving them broken, lost and confused as to how this could happen. I also see a sea of 20-40 year olds, struggling with addictions to replace the knowing of how to create a healthy relationship.”

Learning some new ways of how to love a woman will change your relationship outcomes.  Be the one to know rather than the one to suffer with the loss of a long-term relationship and in many cases loosing the connection with your children who have grown up and moved away or never having children.

End the repetitive cycle of never knowing how to get close to a woman. Know true fulfilment in this most interesting yet challenging area of your life.