social cancerThose people who find themselves with permanent or life threatening illness also often find themselves in what they feel is a hopeless situation. Those professionals who they have been conditioned to rely on run out of treatments to offer. Yet when you consider what scientists themselves are saying a new light comes on, a new aspect on the predicament. Watch this short movie first and then I’ll explain.



Scientists Confirm That Reality is an Illusion Our 3D Universe Is A Hologram

Once it’s clear that the world we all inhabit is not what it seems, whether its a hologram or a set of alternatives or some other description. The most important recognition is the atomic, 3D solid physical appearance is an agreement that we all use and need for our interactions. Life appears consistent as a result of this agreement which in the end is a conscious perception.

Once you choose to disagree with those elements of this perception that don’t serve you, then you break the spell of conservative, limiting ideas and adopt a new paradigm. One of the most challenging aspects of this is that you have to accept total responsibility for where you are and what you’ve allowed yourself to become.

Francis GlobalThe metaphysical coaching processes offer ways to review the old attitudes, discover new ones and help you exchange the old for the new. It is an age-old saying that “you cannot solve a problem on the same level that you created it” –  Albert Einstein. This translates into not being able to solve a 3D problem by acting on it with 3D actions. You might affect it temporarily but an unresolved problem invariably reasserts itself again later on.

If you want to really heal then you have to see the illness as a signal that something is out of balance, and that it is not just the physical system, but it is a perception you have about yourself, your life or the situation you find yourself in. Behaviour is always a response to the way you process how you’re feeling about the moment.
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