By Francis Evans

I’d like to correct the misinformation about hypnosis. Its easiest to understand something by presenting it in a practical sense.

factory-774x1024A modern factory usually consists of a production line or process controlled through a computer which is overseen and adjusted by the operators. The operators can modify the operation and stop and start the process, but beyond that they have little real control.

If the computer hardware or programme develops a problem, the operation will have a failure. The breakdown in the programme will result in jamming on the line and possible mechanical damage.

If the engineers are called in they can repair the damage but unless the computer programmer checks and removes the glitch in the programme the “accident” will reoccur. If the engineers modify the equipment removing the possibility of further jamming, a failure will still occur somewhere else in the system. It is obvious that the problem isn’t in the machinery, its in the programming.

Delaine-Hypnosis-1Hypnosis is the method to access the programme. The various systems in the body are the processes that are controlled by the programme. The programme itself is known as the sympathetic and parasympathetic which together are known as the central nervous system. The access is via the unconscious mind, while the conscious mind are the computer operators. The conscious mind has minor ability to control the system, for example you can change your rate of breathing over a short span of time, but eventually you have to hand it back to the unconscious mind.

Using hypnosis you can change your blood pressure, lower your stress levels and the biochemical balance, and boost your immune B-cells, T-cells and NK-cells through pyscho-neuro-immunology or PNI. (Read More)