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Plan what You want and Install the Strategies to Live It

What is Life Strategy Coaching?

No athlete or sport team would consider competing seriously without the guidance of a coach. The coach needs to know the rules of the game, but isn’t going to be as active in playing. The coach is usually a past player who understands the strategies required to get the best performance out of the players. In the end it is still up to the individual player how well they do.

Many people still attempt to succeed at life; their career, their marriage, their children, their relaxation, without a personal coach, a person trained and skilled at guiding people to reach their assigned goals.

So, what does a Life Strategy Coach do?

  • Help people set clearer, more attainable goals in alignment with their true values.
  • Give guidance, and structure to reach those goals.
  • Focus the client to become efficient with their time and effort.
  • Provide tools, structure and support designed to accomplish more with less.
  • Be like a best friend and more.
  • Stay with you and provide a sounding board as well as consider your best interests.
  • We are trained to work with you in both your business and personal life to be the impetus for you remain or come back into balance.

What makes a Strategy?

One on the greatest differences between the ordinary and the non-ordinary is the difference between sticking to a system and understanding the strategies behind it. Many people, and some practitioners think that NLP is simply applying a well rehearsed pattern to counter the problem at hand, whereas once the linguistic strategies are understood the practitioner can tailor the pattern to the individual.

Who would hire a Coach?

Many people are beginning to understand that there is more to life than the day-to-day routine. They are wanting to do something more meaningful and relevant. These people want to do something about their dreams, but don’t know where to start. The Life Strategist has the skills to direct them to clarify their interests, and to see the paths around any obstacles, setting attainable outcomes. The Life Strategist stays with you to strengthen your resolves, focus your time, money and energy to reach the desired outcome and still keep the rest of your life intact and growing.

Most often a person is stuck in their lives because they have either an external or an internal conflict. Internal conflicts are usually behaviours or expectations in conflict with values. Exploring your values heirarchy and adjusting it neatly resolves these conflicts.

How does Coaching work?

Coaching is a partnership between a client and an experienced coach. Usually the relationship takes place over the telephone, internet or in a face to face conversation. There is a regularity of contact, initially once a week reducing to perhaps once a month.

Coaching is an ongoing relationship that makes an investment in ones future. Most people commit for a period ranging from three to six months or for the duration of a specific project. The cost is $150 per hour. Not everybody thinks they need coaching, yet everybody will accept that two minds, two viewpoints are better then one. However, experience shows that people often want more out of their lives than they expect they, themselves, can deliver, which leads to their inner conflicts.

We know that people who succeed most often are those that have no compunction about investing in their own life and training. They know that they’re worth every penny they spend – and that by empowering another through paying them inevitably empowers themselves in return in the skills they learn.

Why does Coaching work?

  • A coherence and synergy develops between the client and coach.
  • The resonance sparks new ideas and directions that lead to better goals.
  • The coach has skills that are taught to the client during the course of the relationship.
  • Goals are set that are inspiring and motivate you to take action.
  • Coaching understands the needs for people to find a meaning beyond themselves, often called spirituality.

Some Areas Life Strategy can Work With

Personal Values:- Values are the towards and away from motivators that allow us to succeed or fail to get what we want.

Attitude to Time:- Many people in New Zealand are “In-Timers”, they live for the moment, all the while wanting to plan for the future, which, somehow they never seem to get around to. Restructuring time can give an easy formula to help you do what you say you will.

Clarifying Attainable Goals:- Many people succeed only to find that the ladder they climbed was leaning against the wrong wall.

Dissolving Limiting Beliefs:- There are plenty of people with great ideas who get some of the way down the road only to shoot themselves in the foot with self destructive beliefs.

Chunk & Sequence Success Steps:- Attainable goals require a workable plan of action. Sometimes the next task seems overwhelming and you don’t know how to make it manageable.

State Control:- Teaching how to create and maintain the right attitude and state for success.


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The greatest lesson of all. Those who won’t invest in their Health, Wealth and Wisdom invariably lose them