delaine-jonesIf you’ve been on your own for a while and you meet somebody, the start of the relationship will feel like a romantic drought has been broken. In time the relationship then moves to the second phase, inevitably it’s a warts and all phase where arguments start. If you want to sort out the differences which eventually show up as conflicts, and have the relationship grow to the 3rd and final stage, TRUE LOVE, then you need new skills.


Relationship Coach Delaine Jones has offered couples a short checklist to monitor how well their relationships are doing.


Answer –       Yes    No     Maybe      Sometimes      – to the questions.


  • Are you and your partner able to listen and hear each other?
  • Do you have arguments and go to bed with them unresolved?
  • Does your relationship work against the odds?
  • If you were in real trouble, would your partner drop everything to help you?
  • Do you both have the same or similar philosophical outlook?
  • Do you both have the same or similar parenting styles with raising your children?
  • Do you and your partner have the same romantic outlook?
  • Do you both fulfil each other’s sexual needs?
  • Do you feel emotionally connected with your partner?
  • Do you both spend intimate time together?

If you scored NO to any of these questions, this is the area where the relationship will begin to unwind.

Most relationships with or without children, struggle at some point just because they didn’t arrive in this life with:         “The Handbook to Great Relationships”.

My coaching sessions can solve many of the breakdowns, instead of staying with difficulties that can slowly destroy a once good relationship.  I help couples solve these challengers by learning new skills to better their relationships.

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