the Point of Difference

Metaphysics (dict.) – the underlying theoretical principles of a subject or field of inquiry; dealing with first principles, the relation of universals to particulars, and the final causes, design, and purpose that exist in nature. Essentially it is understanding the physical world from a higher-level.

Most people today realise that health problems go beyond the simple physical upset. The reality is that the mind sends messages to itself through the medium of the body in order to drive a shift in behaviour. Discovering how to interpret the messages is a trial because the language used is similar to that encountered in the dream state. Francis has spent 25+ years studying the unconscious mind and its communication style and is equipped to help uncover the metaphysical truth behind disease.

This style of coaching benefits a client by helping them recognise environmental and circumstantial events that cause symptoms and shifting attitudes to things such as:

  • Emotional responses to circumstances beyond your control
  • Changing limiting beliefs and attitudes to yourself or your body
  • Managing lifestyle and lifetime habits
  • Stress related imbalances causing physical and emotional sickness through mindfulness techniques and HRV
  • Sexual libido differences or dysfunction which affect relationship compatibility
  • Psychological struggles such as
    • Depression
    • Anxiety & Panic Attacks
    • Phobias & Fears
    • Grief & Losses
    • Habits and addictions such as
      • smoking
      • alcohol and other recreational drugs
      • pornography and other indulgences

All of these respond to the underlying causes that are essentially mind-body incongruence, or more truthfully heart-mind incoherence. Francis has 30 years of skill with shifting the fixed frames of reference which keep individuals repeating old experiences.

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Francis uses a wide range of skills and tools to reveal the known and hidden forces that create the sense of ‘ground-hog day” repetition.

The tools are:

NautilusNLP (neuro-linguistic programming) –  Francis is a Master Practitioner of NLP. NLP is not so interested in why someone does something and focuses on changing how they do it. Changing the process leads to a different outcome without needing high levels of will-power.

Hypnosis – Francis uses the conversational style and story-telling approach of hypnosis to reform the archetypal associations. Hypnosis talks directly to the unconscious mind where all decisions are made. Changing your mind at the unconscious level can bring about miraculous healings.

EmWave Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitor – This equipment directly measures to degree of Heart-Mind coherence and uses biofeedback to allow a person to take control of their internal systems. Teaches you how to eradicate stress.  For more detailed information on HRV see Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Coherence, and Health.

Therapeutic Astrology – Astrology is an ancient science that offers incredible insights to the deeper functioning of a personality and life purpose. We know that life purpose is one of the most important contributors to longevity. Francis uses his own special brand of astrology based on NASA observations of the planets and their cyclic interactions. He can often pinpoint events that have set the tone for the ongoing repetitious struggles that seem to plague individuals.

Having access to knowledge, and understanding a client’s personality is an important starting place. Having the skill-set and personal backup gives the sort of support everyone needs when they begin to transform their life direction.

Who will benefit?

      • Individuals seeking solutions beyond those that have been provided and feel that their map of the world hasn’t been valued
      • Couples trying to rescue a failing relationship or who desperately wish to complete with dignity
      • Individuals who have been given a prognosis they don’t wish to accept
      • People who have engaged in a spiritual journey and realise health is the first step

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Let me explain Metaphysics in simple terms….

Metaphysic-BrainMetaphysical counselling is just an overriding term for a holistic approach. The term means taking a viewpoint outside (beyond) the purely physical one. The idea arises from the proposition that you cannot see something from inside it. For example you cannot see the whole inside of a room from any position inside it, but you can see it by standing in the doorway. Then what you can’t see is outside of the room.

By taking such a stance you can begin to appreciate the whole of life experience in a way that makes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields an interactive whole. From here it becomes obvious that making changes in any field will affect all the others. Often what this means in practice is that trying to impose a change at one level without agreements from the others will increase resistance and introduces failure.Tone-Scale2-1024x789

Metaphysical counselling and coaching brings together an understanding of the resistance and using customised interventions, creates powerful alignment in which wholeness becomes apparent. From here it is clear that we each create our own experiences through the conditioned behaviours we adopt. All of these are changeable.
Bruce Lipton’s book “Biology of Belief” is a great introduction to how the metaphysical approach works with the biology and biochemistry of living.

What are Francis’ Qualifications?

Francis Evans qualified in Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy with PHINZ and began private practice in 1980.  He studied NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and is certified as a Master Practitioner by the Auckland Institute of Technology and later with the International NLP Trainers Association, a world-recognised body.  He has co-trained NLP Practitioner certification courses. He trained in basic Neuro Semantics another linguistic model for making therapeutic changes. He has used astrology in practice since 1980.

Francis is not a registered Psychotherapist under the Health Practitioners Competence Act 2003 or limited by such registration. He is registered with NZANLP (New Zealand Association of NLP).

Like all practitioners he is bound to the Health & Disability Commission’s Human Rights requirements.

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