Most people have heard about the importance of attitude in the healing process. In this transcript of Robert talks about how he is using his NLP work as a compliment to the medical practice. He certainly articulates the idea of tapping into a client’s personal empowerment, and activating the inner resources and resolve to make changes. He discusses the placebo effect in a very down-to-earth way that is most common to NLP techniques.Robert Dilts

You can read the interview here NLP-Interview-with-Robert-Dilts

Much of what he is saying is part of the work that I have been doing for a number of years, with both NLP and hypnotic techniques. In many ways I go even further understanding the “metaphysical” nature of the physical symptoms as messangers for the Self.

Research is showing more and more that emotional and mental conditions play a significant part in all physical dysfinctions, and is yet to understand the importance played by the level of energy field in which stress is created. Physical illnesses have their inception within the Self, emotional, intellectual, or “spiritual” field, often in response to external fields such as relationship, familial, friends and acquantiances, workplace, social, and so on. Dealing with these more subtle levels may have greater impact than simply dealing with symptoms.

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