The Science of Psychoneuroimmology (PNI) gives new hope to those who suffer from chronic pain and/or chronic fatigue as well as many other diseases brought on by chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation is seen as the underlying process in diseases such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritic Diseases, and Asthma (Time Magazine. February, 23, 2004).

PNI provides an explanation of how and why pain and/or fatigue becomes chronic, and why it is a truly successful treatment. PNI gives evidence and theory that the source of chronic pain and fatigue is frequently chronic inflammation.

Anyone who has chronic pain or fatigue knows that treating chronic pain the same as acute pain does not work. Reducing chronic inflammation by changing Health Behaviors works.

Health Behavior can be greatly improved through the application of an individually prescribed PNI schedule. Personal responsibility, social support, education and mindfulness are keys for real change. When concretely changing the six kinds of Health Behaviors to the problem of chronic inflammation-pain-fatigue there can be dramatically positive affects. Areas to consider are:

          1. Social connection

          2. What we do to achieve a personal sense of purpose and meaning

          3. Patterns of emotional and cognitive reaction

          4. How we use our bodies to perform activities of daily living

          5. What we do or do not put into our mouths.

          6. Our Spiritual life and how we define it has a significant affect.

PNI techniques focus on the interrelationship of emotion-thought-behavior and bodily functions (physiology and anatomy), and specifically how these interactions affect health.

pni2There is actually a lot of medical scientific research into how PNI works which is far beyond this article. It is enough to understand there is a good scientific basis for understanding connections between behavior and health. PNI confirms that Healing Must be Initiated from Within

Reducing inflammation by changing our behavior puts the focus on cause rather than only symptoms (sickness behavior).

There are plenty of clues pointing towards specific tools and behaviors which when changed can dramatically reduce or eliminate chronic inflammation and resulting symptoms such as anatomical changes, pain, fatigue and depression.

These are change in Health Behaviors and change in Lifestyle. Such changes are often the best and only way to successfully treat the chronic inflammation.

Learning Health Behaviors which stimulate the body to produce anti-inflammatory substances, while reducing the production of pro-inflammatory substances can truly lead to lasting and dramatically improved quality of life.

Francis has studied the mind-body’s responses to unconscious suggestions and commands. He teaches the use of the HRV biofeedback system that develops and monitors mindfulness. He will help to ascertain personal meaning and alignment with a higher purpose, and moderate day-to-day actions and responses in personal and social interactions.