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depressionI read a great article in a mainstream magazine on banking. It started with the sentence “History shows that banks don’t innovate unless circumstances force them to”. The sentence really stated a truth, but that same truth goes much further. In general, humans, be they people, societies, nations or the planet don’t change unless they’re forced to do so. The climate change debate is only really beginning now that the United States is suffering from its effects. Bangladesh has been in that position for decades.

Resistance to change is the major, if not only, force that causes stress. It takes less effort to bend a piece of bamboo than a steel bar. The steel provides the greater resistance. A person willing to bend and change will exhibit less resistance and suffer less stress.

Stress, of course, shows itself through a descending degree of symptoms. Firstly mental stress shows itself through an inability to focus which leads to bad decisions, and that leads to blaming others or self-recrimination.
Secondly, emotional stress shows itself through sleeplessness and moodiness. Emotional stress flares into unprovoked outbursts or unnecessary tears. Emotional stress plays out on the people around, spouses, children and co-workers.

Finally, if left unresolved these stresses lead to physical breakdown and illness, often critical. Sometimes issues no amount of surgery or pharmaceutical intervention will reverse the underlying causes. Most patients hear the same message from their GPs. Its a very wise message too. these are the results of accidents brought on by distraction and lack of attention, and others are the result of paying no attention to encroaching symptoms and dealing with them though over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.

The real point is that physical, emotional and mental disruptions are the end result of the fear of facing ourselves.
The counter is also true. Unless we deal with the real They are told to “change their lifestyle”. But what is that and how do I do it?

I have spent the last 30 years perfecting interventions that help people to make those changes with the least amount of difficulty using hypnosis and the technology of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

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