~ with Delaine Jones

The Voice Dialogue Technique is a simple tool, which is easy to use

Counsel4A few sessions to learn the technique gives you a lifetime tool to use around any forms of personality conflict within.

You will be able to listen to the different thoughts within yourself, and make a decision with more clarity, and your will power will be stronger as a result.

You will learn how to dialogue with the different thought streams we call our sub personalities, and have a more integrated approach to healing those parts, by often sourcing their origin.

With Delaine as your coach, you will be able to get to the bottom of what has been sabotaging your dreams.  Together you’ll be able to learn things about yourself you didn’t fully realise.

This in turn becomes the turning point for your change.

Try it, and see what you can gain for your own insight and gaining a skill along the way.

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