Part 3: The Evidence Procedure

Once you have determined what you really want, or want to happen, it is essential to know how you will know when you have it.Merging Roads

  1. What is your evidence procedure for knowing when you have reached your outcome?
  2. How will you know when you’ve got there?
  3. When you imagine yourself having arrived at the place and time when you have your desired outcome, how will you behave, and act?
  4. As you look at that, what is happening and what do you see yourself doing?
  5. How do you feel now that you have that which you have desired?
  6. What are the external sounds and what are people saying now you have this?
  7. What are you telling yourself now?
  8. What are you telling yourself that is positive?
  9. Are you telling yourself anything that is negative?

The final question is most important

  1. Can you initiate the behaviour that determines whether you get your outcome, or does someone else have that power?
  2. Is there anything you can do that gives you the power to determine that you get your outcome?
  3. Provided you are the one who determines whether or not you continue with the process

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