Part 6: The Ecology Check

Checking how specifically achieving the outcome will affect your life is an extremely important part of the wellformed conditions for outcomes.

Merging RoadsHow would it be if you got your outcome, only to find that it was a bigger imposition than you had previously? Would Mestopheles have sold his soul to the devil if he had stopped to consider all the consequences?

  1. If you get your desire, will it affect all areas of your life?
  2. Who else will it affect as well as yourself?
  3. What will these other people lose as a result of your achievement?
  4. What will you gain if you get it?
  5. What will you lose if you get it?

The next frame is essential. Sometimes it takes a little consideration to get your mind around the questions, stay with it. This series is called “Cartesian Co-ordinate” questions.

  1. What will happen if you do get your outcome?
  2. What will happen if you don’t get your outcome?
  3. What won’t happen if you do get your outcome?
  4. What won’t happen if you don’t get your outcome?


What stops you from already having this outcome?

And as you read this – take the time to really consider each phrase carefully, and fully, before you read on. And as you read the next paragraph, read it extra slowly and carefully, pronouncing every word in your mind as you go……

“Ponder, if you make these changes that you know are necessary, how will it be to be living as you and having made these changes now, and looking back over your life to where you use to be to what you used to do what advice will you have given to yourself when you thought you had that difficulty that made you change from doing that and how did you know how to put that advice into practice so that you did change then, so that you’re here, now”.

Once you have completed this process, you will have identified what you really want, and the consequences of having it. You will know what you have to do to achieve this, and whether you already have the resource skills, or know where to go to get them. Some people may not know where to go or what to do to get these skills.

Some people identify situations that bring about internal conflicts, where what they want conflicts with other parts of their personality or with their personal values hierarchy.

If either of these is you, then you need to go for one-on-one coaching from a reputable NLP trained practitioner.

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