Don't feed fearsAccording to Wikipedia, Hypnosis typically involves an introduction to the procedure during which the subject is told that suggestions for imaginative experiences will be presented. The hypnotic induction is an extended initial suggestion for using one’s imagination, and may contain further elaborations of the introduction.

A hypnotic procedure is used to encourage and evaluate responses to suggestions. When using hypnosis, one person (the subject) is guided by another (the hypnotist) to respond to suggestions for changes in subjective experience, alterations in perception, sensation, emotion, thought or behavior. Persons can also learn self-hypnosis, which is the act of administering hypnotic procedures on one’s own.

If the subject responds to hypnotic suggestions, it is generally inferred that hypnosis has been induced. Many believe that hypnotic responses and experiences are characteristic of a hypnotic state. While some think that it is not necessary to use the word “hypnosis” as part of the hypnotic induction, others view it as essential.

In a less formal definition, hypnosis is the act of presenting suggestions to a person in a way that by-passes the conscious mind by using linguistic constructs and rhythmic patterns such as language rolling, a pulsing sound simulating a heartbeat or some form of rhythmic tapping. The instructions are given by a person in a position of  “authority”, and usually delivered with an air of knowledge.

Many of the “new” therapies, the “placebo effect”, psycho-neuro-immunology and psycho-neuro-endocrinology are, in most cases, variations on classical hypnosis, which has been acknowledged for well over 100 years. Because hypnosis has been associated with “mind-control”, it has generated a sense of fear in some people.

In fact, the hypnotic state is an everyday common experience, and when used formally and creatively is exceptionally effective for treating most habitual, emotional and psycho-somatic problems.


FrancisAbout the author: Francis has been at the forefront of human development from the mid 1970s and has been a leader in New Zealand. He ran one of the first self-development classes in Auckland, taught classes in “creating your own reality”, “Dreams”, “Quest: creative writing” and brought the first Avatar Course to New Zealand. He is a NLP Master Practitioner and conversational hypnotherapist. He is an accomplished therapeutic astrologer and a outstanding astrological researcher. Having studied the Ancient Wisdom through Theosophy and the Toltec Tradition, he is a wealth of knowledge. He is mentoring the Aquarian Age Group for young people.