Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is now a recognised tool in the Business, Personal and Human Potential Training environment. Yet oftentimes people separate their business time out from the rest of their lives.

EQuilibrium can design and develop in-house training programmes for many applications based on NLP training design paradigm. We can personalise Customer Service programmes blending Total Quality Management (TQM) principles with Business Communications practices and train through an NLP methodology. Such programmes add a whole-of-life-skill base that gives advantage to an organisation. Many organisations are providing what is called “Resiliance” in their staff training brief; training that takes into account health and stress levels, relationships, family commitments, sport, ongoing education and the need for high quality relaxation as well as work and business committments. EQuilibrium can deliver such trainings adding the two new levels of Spirituality and Metaphysical Advantage.

Adding a Spiritual dimension has become a popular addition to business training, although there is often little true appreciation other than a recognition that the human spirit (defined as that part of ourselves that seeks purpose for our lives) requires some greater order of need than self, to attain lasting happiness. Many wealthy people have discovered that money alone does not give them a deeper surety that they long for, the essence of a Spiritual connection. Understanding the principles that determine the operation of the Universe gives a person access to the Source of Creativity, a lasting Spiritual Connection. Here at EQuilibrium we can deliver a methodology that makes that connection permanent.
The skills you use in life are the same skills to use in business and NLP is an effective tool for learning in the fields of:

  • Communication
  • Advertising
  • Business Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Training Design & Delivery
  • Education
  • Psychotherapy
  • Politics
  • In fact wherever and whenever humans interact


Who benefits of learning NLP?

EQuilibrium Human Development Ltd is putting the application of “spiritual” values in the workplace on the map. Through the inspiration and dedication to the training of the ecological use of NLP, we have become the “Heart and Soul” of the personal and business applications of this technology. We target design workshops and training programmes in the Practical & Ecological use of NLP, and incorporate this with other spiritual and consciousness programmes.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Understanding your own values and Personal alignment
  • Increase in self-image and self-esteem
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Self-motivation & enthusiasm
  • Transforming fear into action
  • Confidence and assurance when it counts
  • Ability to handle any situation

What are an employer’s benefits?

  • Motivated and effective leaders
  • High level of people skills
  • An understanding of personal values as drivers
  • A clear recognition of stress indicators
  • An ability to put business theory into practice
  • An ability to coach others in new procedures

The Tools and Performance of NLP – Providing the Methodology for Transformation

NLP is a comprehensive structure that can provide the keys that are the difference that makes a difference. Through the in-depth study and application of the basic tools of NLP you can learn skills that are essential in today’s rapidly changing world. Through an ongoing use of these tools you will experience the excitement of designing your own destiny.

You will Learn to:

  • Master the process of change
  • Set achievable outcomes and goals
  • Instantly build rapport and trust
  • Create choice & flexibility
  • Enhance your own creativity & innovation
  • Access resourceful states
  • Become a more effective communicator
  • Guide others to realise their potential
  • Clear away limitations from the past
  • Move into a future in alignment with your values
  • Increase your ability to lead a team towards clearly defined targets

What the tools are, and how you can use them.

  • How presuppositions and guiding principles effect your ability to assess and operate consistently in time and space.
  • How to understand rapport and build an effective relationship that allows you to get your message across.
  • How to set well-formed outcomes for maximum efficiency and why this determines your ability to succeed.
  • How to master the art of state control to develop your ideal self so that you experience yourself as confident.
  • How to overcome limitations by generating new behaviours that utilise the benefits of any situation.
  • How to to be more productive and make better decisions and reduce your stress levels by understanding your core values and aligning your activities with them.
  • How to understand the Human Operating System (see article on HOS) allowing you to manage every interaction.
  • How to use change technology so that you can influence others with integrity and ecology.
  • How to elicit and implement the strategies used by world and business leaders.
  • How to use the technology to design and develop the future you deserve.
  • How to use these skills to reorganise, restructure, or delete the contents of your mind to create the best “you” possible.

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